Get the Gang Together and Let's Craft!

Groups of all sizes and ages are welcome to come craft with us

First, we have 2 options to get a group/party together in Art As You Like It:

Option 1: Reserve a table during walk-in

  • Table reserved for 2 hours
  • Limited food & beverages
  • Staff assistance to get started!
  • Dedicated staff member for your event if preferred
  • Option 2: Reserve the studio for a private event

  • $25 non-refundable studio fee
  • Whole studio for 2+ hours
  • No minimum number of people
  • Expanded options for food & drinks
  • Dedicated staff member for your event
  • THEN:

    1. Choose a price-point per person & let attendees choose their own project

    2. Choose the project: as specific as you'd like, or freedom of choice